Several organizations are designed for couples with RVs.
They are all set up on variations of the same theme:
teams doing construction or maintenance projects
for churches, camps, mission
agencies, etc
minimum 3-4 projects a year
3 weeks, 4 days/week,
7 hours/day

Mobile Missionary Assistance Program
PO Box 725, Calimesa, CA 92320 909-795-3944
women may work mornings, but not required

Servants on Wheels Ever Ready
14771 CR 424, Lindale TX 75771-7825 903-882-8070
women may work as much as they want

Roving Volunteers In Christ's Service
1499 Edgewood Ranch Rd, Orlando, FL 32835 407-293-4170
women required to work half-days if able

Selected Volunteers in Christ's Service (same as RVICS)
for construction specialists who don't want to rove from project
to project

Several denominations have similar ministries:

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Presbyterian Church in America
Southern Baptists
United Methodists

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